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Prof. Kanglai Tang led the Chinese Foot&Ankle Surgeons Delegation to attend the Global Foot&Ankle Congress 2016.
Name:admin Date:2016-8-5

On June 1st, the Global Foot&Ankle Congress 2016 was held in Cleveland Ohio, the United States. The conference was hosted by Global Foot&Ankle Society, organized by North Ohio Ankle Surgery Foundation. About 300 representatives from 27 countries: China, the United States, Germany, Italy ecc., have attended the congress. Professor Kanglai Tang from Southwest Hospital-The Third Military Medical University was the leader of the Chinese foot and ankle surgeons delegation.

The congress lasted 4 days, involving 6 sub-specialties as forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, ankle, deformity correction and sports injury, which were divided in 11 topics presenting latest and cutting-edge progress of global foot and ankle surgeries. 24 internationally renowned experts and industry luminaries made 66 featured speeches.

Professor Kanglai Tang, Chief Committee of Department of orthopedics physicians - Foot and ankle surgery committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, as co-Chairman he participated in the organization of this prestigious academic conference and made 3 featured lectures. Shaohui Ye, Xiaojun Liang, Yong Hu, Fengqi Zhang, Xu Tao ecc. 11 Chinese foot and ankle surgeons were invited to the congress, the Chinese delegation represented the prospering development of foot and ankle surgery in China, which was highly appreciated by the assembled experts.

During the conference, Professor Mark Hardy from USA and Professor Kanglai Tang co-hosted the closing meeting, 8 executive committee members had a heated discussion about construction and development of the Global Foot&Ankle Society, in the end the committee decided unanimously:

1. The Global Foot&Ankle Congress 2017 will be held in Chongqing, China, from 26th to 29th May;

2. Professor Mark Hardy and Professor Kanglai Tang are nominated as candidates for president of Global Foot&Ankle Society, and the official election will be carried out in Xi’an, China in September 2016;

3. Put into effect the Chinese “5.29 National Foot Day” in USA, Germany and some other areas, followed by gradual generalization and hopefully achieve the final goal: 5.29 Global Foot Day.




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